Wassily Kandinsky

Elsa asked if she could measure it. I’d just climaxed, lying on top of her, nose buried in her neck. My eyes must’ve been shut; I couldn’t figure out what she was after. Well can I, or not ? I didn’t budge. Woozy with pleasure, drowsy between her thighs, our sweat mingling. She kept at it. It’s not at its best right now, I said, you have to give it some time to recover. Then she pushed me off. I don’t like it when she rushes things after sex.

Kasimir Malevitch

I come from Future where humans are unusual and infrequent. My name is Ob20ZI in reference to Object 20ZI. In Future, names are a combination of initials and Ob’s perfect number. Everything here seems to be perfect. I walk in the streets and look in window displays to find a trace of my face. I […]

Ernst Vikne

1. This death is the first tree in the forest. I still remember that statement by Bashevis, who was himself transformed into a cadaver less than three weeks later. That was more than 120 years ago, but the memory is as clear and painful as an open wound. Unless that’s a side effect of the […]

Mike Norton

The seaplane flies over the tops of the Douglas firs at an uncomfortable altitude. Jay hears the pilot’s voice in his helmet, but isn’t really listening – the noise of the propellers drowns out every second word. Irregular, silver splashes sparkle on the ground below, but he doesn’t know which lake is their destination. They’re […]

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