Since 2010, Angle Mort is an online French science fiction magazine that publishes short stories written by international contemporary authors, such as Aliette de Bodard, Jeffrey Ford, William Gibson, Theodora Goss, Daryl Gregory, Kij Johnson, Kelly Link, Ian McDonald, Christopher Priest, Haanu Rajaniemi, Vandana Singh, and many more…


The Angle Mort team realized that although there are a lot of international science fiction authors translated to French, there are only a few French science fiction writers who are translated into English. Given that, Angle Mort decided to launch a new English magazine, in addition to the existing French counterpart, that would introduce French science fiction to an international audience. Indeed, there is a strong French tradition of science fiction, with its own history, movements, branches, and ramifications, that is worth sharing. This is Angle Mort’s conviction; hence Blind Spot (literal translation of Angle Mort) issue 1. This new online magazine presents short stories from French contemporary authors for English readers. However, keep in mind that Blind Spot does not represent the whole French science fiction canon, but just a perspective on it – our perspective.


Actually, Blind Spot’s purpose is not only to publish French science fiction in english. The Angle Mort team thinks that science fiction is a genre that is growing and evolving all over the world, and that creates ties between science, art, and literatureand even better, to redefine the boundaries between these mediums. That is why limiting our work to only one form of science fiction doesn’t make sense. Therefore, the main goal of Angle Mort, through its French and its English magazines, is to explore the ties between these media. The concept of Blind Spot magazine is the following: 4 short stories written or translated in English, a cover by an artist who explores science fiction ideas or concepts, and an introduction prepared by the Angle Mort team. The stories and the cover will be available and displayed for free on the website.


The complete online issue, which includes the interviews with all the writers and artists, will be downloadable for only $3 in several formats (pdf, epub, kindle). The proceeds will help us pay our translators, authors and artists.


Blind Spot magazine (as well as Angle Mort magazine) will only appear at a frequency of 2 issues per year. This is the time needed for our team to do a good job and to handle numerous translations, from English to French and from French to English.