Angle Mort was founded in France in 2010 to translate innovative science fiction stories written by authors such as Aliette de Bodard, Jeffrey Ford, Kij Johnson, Kelly Link, Ian McDonald, Vandana Singh, and to publish French original narratives written by Stéphane Beauverger, David Calvo, Thomas Day, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Léo Henry, and Laurent Kloetzer among others. Our work has been recognized several times by the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire and nominated as “best translated work of the year” or “best short story of the year.”

We believe that practicing science fiction is inherently a code-switching experiment that explores and redefines the boundaries between art, science, and literature by borrowing and melting together the languages they usually use to distinguish themselves. Our conviction is that science fiction aims to express states of affairs we have not yet conceived of, contingencies lurking in the blind spots of our languages.

Angle Mort is a loose collective of writers, editors, translators, artists, and scientists who have come together to share an approach of science fiction as a means of investigation to face situations of uncertainty. When reality itself is at stake, a detour through science fiction concepts and ideas may help us reconsider what we are taking for granted and what is blinding us.

Going forward, we wish to widen our audiences to pursue our two main goals :

1 – Bolster the ties between French and American science fiction, by launching a new magazine, Blind Spot, that translates French stories into English. We think that French science fiction is rich from finding new ways to describe human experiences and contradictions, the weight of structures upon our lives, and the role of collective entities on our destiny.

2 – Bridge art, science, and literature, by supporting people who try to remold original perceptions of the self or the surrounding world, regardless of whether their works are fictional stories, academic papers, or visual arts, as long as they relate to science fiction.

Both French and English online magazines owned by the group are conceived as an endeavor to find new languages, new ways of telling true stories. They will be published at a frequency of two issues per year each. The narratives will be available for free on their dedicated website and exclusive additional content (interviews with contributors) can be accessed by ordering the complete online issue for \$3. The proceeds will help us pay our contributors and translators.

We hope that you will enjoy Blind Spot 1 as much as we enjoyed preparing it. If you need further information, you can contact us at If you want to submit fiction, you can do that at