René-Marc Dolhen, editorial director, webmaster

René-Marc Dolhen is the cofounder and webmaster of nooSFere, a database of bibliographic information of all science fiction  and fantasy fiction published in french created in 1999 (, where he writes also reviews of books. René-marc is a judge of the Prix Bob Morane, a set of awards given each year to science fiction and fantasy fictions. René-Marc works as a systems engineer in a software company located in Paris.

Julien Wacquez, editorial director, art director, scientific committee

Julien Wacquez is a PhD student in sociology at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. His research focuses on the manner by which science fiction authors lean on scientific knowledge already established to shape their stories and, also, on the way these stories pose problems that are expected to be solved by the scientific activity. More broadly, Julien wants to explore how ideas and concepts can switch from a fictional context to a scientific one. He has been a fellowship of the Musée du quai Branly (2014-2015).

Sylvie Denis, editor, translator (English-French)

Sylvie Denis is a science-fiction writer and a translator. She has published three adult novels and two for teenagers. Haute-École (L'Atalante) received the Prix Julia Verlanger in 2003. She was co-editor of the magazine Cyberdreams from 95 to 98 and part of the editorial team of Fiction (Les Moutons Électriques), the French edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science-Fiction. She has also edited several anthologies. She is currently working on the sequel to Haute-École and short-story cycles.

Georges Subrenat, editor

Georges Subrenat was one of the reference french webzine's redactor Le Cafard Cosmique, dedicatory to science fiction. He wrote regularly scientific vulgarization in it. Georges learned mathematics in Marseille and theoretical physics in École Normale de Lyon. He teaches physics near Paris now.

Sheryl Curtis, translator (French-English), proofreader

Sheryl Curtis is a professional translator from Montréal, Québec, with translated stories appearing in Interzone, Year’s Best Science Fiction 4, Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 15, Galaxy’s Edge, SFWA European Hall of Fame, Expiration Date, numerous Tesseracts, and The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures. She also translated Sylvie Bérard’s novel, La Terre des Autres, published in English as Of Wind and Sand.

Joffrey Becker, scientific committee

Joffrey Becker obtained a doctorate in social anthropology and ethnology, and is a research affiliate at the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociales (UMR7130). His research focuses on robotics and more particularly on the relationship between humans and machines. His work has first focuses on the processes which are involved in building humanoid robots and also on the mental states they imply during their performances, in experimental situations or games. These researches now aim to better understand the dynamics that constitute robots as experimental tools whose activity directly questions our ontological, relational and social models. This research resulted in the publication of several articles (especially in Gradhiva, Tracés, and Multitudes), and a book entitled Humanoïdes, Expérimentations croisées entre arts et sciences, published in 2015 by the Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest.

Cyprien Tasset, scientific committee

Cyprien Tasset has a doctorate in sociology. His work focuses on the precarious in intellectual professions, and on the issues of their possible constitution into a social group. This led him to explore the borders between scholarly fiction and social reality. Reading authors influenced by postoperaïsmo, such as Bifo or Richard Barbrook, he became aware of the cyberpunk tone among reflections concerning the future of work. With Angle Mort, he would like to investigate different ways of thinking, feeling, and maybe even realizing collectively that «another end of the world is possible».

Based on Angle Mort, created by Sébastien Cevey and Laurent Queyssi